Re-Invent Yourself

Have you ever wanted to re-invent yourself? Well, you can!  Spring is here, and it’s a time of renewal, not just for mother nature, but for you as well. Take some time this month to step back, take a look at the story that is your life, and make some decisions. Are you on the path you want to be on? Is the goal in sight? Are you surrounded by the people you want in your life? The only one who can write your story is you – and you have the power to make it turn out the way you want.

Assess Where You Are

The first step is to take a clear look at where you are. Examine your relationships, both professional and personal. Remember, you become like those you associate with.  Are the people you surround yourself with positive and supportive? If they aren’t, their negativity will have an affect on you. Seek out people that you want to be like. Make an effort to get out and meet people who share and support your values, your work ethic, and your goals. Find a mentor and model yourself after them.

Expand Your Horizons

Make a list of things you have always wanted to do but just haven’t gotten there yet. Perhaps you want to learn to paint, or write a book. Maybe you want to go on a road trip. There are tools available to you that don’t have to be expensive. Check your local community college or even your local community center and see what kind of classes they offer. Visit The Conscious Community calendar and see what interesting classes are being offered there. What value could you bring to the table? Consider bartering some of your skills or services in exchange for class time.

Define Yourself

How do you want your life to look next week? Next month? Next year? How is that different from what it is now? Take some time to really figure out what you want to be doing, where you want to do it, and who you want to do it with. Then decide what you have to do to make that happen. You are the only one who can write your life story. The choices you make define who you are. You can choose to keep doing the same thing the same way and having the same life or you can choose what to change to get different results.

It takes some work, but inside your cocoon of comfort is a butterfly waiting to soar. It needs you to take those extra steps so it can break free and soar on the winds.


March 31, 2017