Stephanie Campbell ATP

Stephanie Campbell ATP

Stephanie grew up in a small town in Colorado, known as “the Switzerland of America”, which was named after a Ute Indian Chief. As a very little girl, she had an affinity and connection with her Native American heritage. At the age of thirteen she began to study shamanism and as she matured, she traveled to many sacred sites. Over the last 22 years she has blended her talents for the healing and transformation of her clients.

Stephanie has studied with Shamans, Healing Intuitives and Physics. She is Master Teacher certified in Tera Mai Reiki and Shamanic Touch. This combined with a Mastership in Cosmetology gives her a unique edge in working with clients.

Her alchemy includes Cosmetologist, Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Touch Master teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Golden Eagle Minister. Stephanie works with Avatars and Archangels to bring you to your own personal path of healing.

Stephanie has always had a natural ability for soothing people and animals. Her passion is to bring healing to all that she touches. It is her mission to facilitate beauty and healing through inner and outer modalities. This can be done with private sessions or in a group class.

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