Rev. De Alva Ward - Indigenous Practitioner of Shamanic/ Intuitive Reiki

Rev. De Alva Ward - Indigenous Practitioner of Shamanic/ Intuitive Reiki

De Alva is a Southwestern Native American of Hopi & Kaibab Paiute tribes of Arizona. Her indigenous culture is incorporated in her transformational work through shamanism, Intuitive guidance, and energy work of reiki (“Puha” Paiute word for Universal Energy).

The energy work incorporates intuitive guidance from Mother Earth, Universal beings, and Ancestral teachers. Intuitive Reiki (Puha) is channeled energy from the universe. I pull the universal energy through me into my client for healing for their highest good. The intuitive information is channeled through during the session to help understand why the body’s energy is the way it is and how to maintain a healthy energy field.

Experience authentic southwestern native American techniques and tools for indigenous transformation to shift your consciousness to a higher vibration to enhance your authentic self through intuitive guidance and energy work for the mind, body, and spirit.

A Shamanic session is performed for deep and heavy inclusions in the energy field that was created during a traumatic event in a persons life that is imbedded in the muscle memory tissue of the body. During a Shamanic transformation session I channel in my power animal to perform a sacred ceremony to remove any inclusions in the energy field to create a clear energy flow within a clients body.

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