Lisa DeChiara; CPC, ATP, Art for Relaxation & Therapy

Lisa DeChiara; CPC, ATP, Art for Relaxation & Therapy

Lisa provides the opportunity for individuals to use painting as a form of fun, creativity, meditation, stress relief & relaxation.

When done in a group, you add the camaraderie of spending time with new friends, old friends and family.  You can make the event a party or a retreat, it’s up to you.  After just a few hours, any one can go home with a work of art that they created themselves; even if you’ve never picked up a brush.  All supplies needed to complete your painting are provided.

Using various modalities, Lisa will assist you in your desire to find balance, achieve goals, create internal peace, make sound decisions, build confidence and feel empowered so that you can create the successful life you want and deserve.

Lisa is a Certified Professional Life Coach, a Certified Angel Healer, and Certified Shaman’s Touch Healer. She has degrees in Humanities/Social Science and in Behavioral Science – Psychology.  She is passionate, creative, sensitive and educated. She enjoys helping you create a joyful and productive life.

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