Kathy Thomason at Aloha Feng Shui


Kathy Thomason at Aloha Feng Shui

Kathy became
interested in Feng Shui several years after hearing a presentation by Rosanne
Rusnock. Rosanne (Ro) has now become her mentor and Feng Shui teacher. When
Kathy first heard about Feng Shui, it resonated deeply with her and she was
“hungry” for any information she could glean on the subject. She attended every
workshop that became available.

In October
of 2016, The Western School of Feng Shui, founded by Terah Kathryn Collins,
offered an intensive certification class in Scottsdale, Arizona. The class was
taught by Ro Rusnock. Kathy knew she was destined to take the class. She became
a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui on December 7, 2016.

Kathy began
her company, “Aloha Feng Shui”, soon after receiving her certification. She
loves Hawaii and goes there as often as possible. Each time she travels there,
she vows to bring back the love, (aloha), and spread it to everyone she
encounters. So now, she loves to add special aloha to every consultation she

Kathy does
both residential and business consultations. It has become her passion to find
out what her clients’ needs and intentions are and then utilize the tools and
techniques of Feng Shui to help them achieve their goals and have optimal
success, happiness, prosperity, and health.

Her clients
come to understand that cluttered space can cause many maladies in many areas
of our lives, and by using these fun techniques of Feng shui, we can allow the
Ch’i (energy) to flow freely in our spaces, thereby allowing optimal results in
every area of our lives.

“I love
helping people. Feng Shui is magical and so much fun. I would love to help you
achieve the best possible life you can imagine.”

Kathy is
also a Reiki Master, a ukulele player and teacher, a singer and hula dancer.
Kathy and Jeff are blessed to have four grandchildren, of whom they are
part-time care givers.

currently lives in Sun City, Arizona, with her husband, Jeff and their two dogs
Sadie and Ellie. She grew up in the Phoenix area and has seen the area grow and
change extensively. She graduated from Arizona State University and was an
elementary school teacher for 27 years.


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