Jennie Tighe-Elemental Style Image Consulting

Jennie Tighe-Elemental Style Image Consulting

I love to help women feel and look fabulous and project confidence to glow with their full potential.

Fashion comes from something natural in me that must have been given genetically from my mother, a driven, career women who was an entrepreneur in the 1960’s.
She had impeccable eye for style in her interior design business and her personal Definitely Dramatic image.
She was the epitome of fashion wearing an arm full of bangles before it was ever “in style.”

I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Daily dressing can be a pleasure. Investing in yourself produces a more confidant image while saving you time, effort and financial commitment.

I offer image services to enhance YOU.

Image Analysis (approximately 1-2 hours)

  • Client Profile
  • Fashion Personality
  • Elemental Style
  • Color Analysis
  • Style Concerns

Discover the Treasures (approximately 3-5 hours)

  • Wardrobe Analysis
  • Inventory
  • Lifestyle Assessment – career, casual, special occasion, etc.
  • Accessorizing – jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc.
  • Outfit Lookbook

Closet Clearing (varies)

  • Wardrobe Organization
  • Shopping List

Shopping Excursion (2-5 hours)

  • Experiment with new styles to suit your body type
  • Supplement your current wardrobe with new treasures
  • Photograph new looks
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