Intuitive Angel Insights with Courtney Long – Week of January 9-15, 2017

Enjoy the Angel’s messages to empower your week…

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This week the Angels encourage you to CELEBRATE, BE GRATEFUL and CREATE A MAGICAL LIFE!


The card says: “Use logic and structure to increase your success. Get organized. A firm but compassionate leader.”

The Angels are lovingly nudging you forward. They remind you that you are the leader in your life. It’s time to decide what you want and confidently go for it!

Imagine 5 different paths that you could take this year (or 5 different intentions to focus on, or 5 different ways you could fulfill your Divine Life Purpose). Choose the path that feels the lightest and most joyful.

Focus on your path. As you do, it seems like things speed up. You can accomplish so much in a short time-frame.

If you feel fear or hesitation, have the courage to take the leap of faith. You are successful, and honor that your path ahead is successful!


The card says: “Be grateful. You have much to celebrate! Deep feelings of peace and happiness. A contented personal life.”

The Angels say that you are meant to life an abundant, fulfilling, joyful life. It’s up to you to choose that and create it for yourself.

Celebrate and be grateful. Choose to be happy, content and at peace in the present moment.

Realize how much of your dreams you already have in your heart and life. Look around in gratitude for what you have.


The card says: “Wishes come true! Dreams fulfilled. A magical time of life.”

Let yourself ride on the waves of magic, fun and joy. Create a life of magic this year. You’ll notice throughout 2017 that things feel lighter. Your manifestations happen quicker than ever before.

Take time to visualize or imagine what you want. See it happening. Possibly even write about it.

Align your thoughts and actions with your purpose, soul, and the love deep inside you.

This year, as a 1 year according to numerology, will set the stage for the next 9 years of your life and beyond.

What are you choosing today, this year, and for the rest of your life?

The Angels will help you to know what to focus on and cut out anything from your life that isn’t serving you.

Archangel Michael is wrapping you in a bubble of love, joy and comfort. Call on him this week to release fears. Old anxieties or fears may come to the surface right now, as we shift vibrations so rapidly. As you release those old fears, you’ll enjoy more inner peace as a result!

What does this message mean to you? What path or intention are you focusing on this year? How will your life be more magical this year? Please share below the video. I love hearing from you!

Enjoy this magical week ahead!

With love,

(This week’s cards are the “Fairy Tarot Cards” by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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January 9, 2017