Intuitive Angel Insights with Courtney Long – Week of January 23-29, 2017

Enjoy the Angel’s messages to empower your week…

This week brings a WAKE UP CALL.

The Angels encourage you to TAKE ACTION to create a healthy life change, set a boundary and fulfill your purpose!

Card #1: AWAKENING (Archangel Gabriel)

The card says: “Look at things from a different perspective. A temporary standstill. It’s important to be yourself.”


The card says: “Abundance! Things look very good. Have patience at this time. Make long term plans.”

This continues our theme of making long-term goals and intentions for 2017 and the rest of your life!

Cultivate fire and passion within you, to ignite yourself into action. Whether it’s action toward romance, your Divine Life Purpose, your health, happiness or making the world a better place.

Sometimes we’ve got to go through challenges or difficult situations to ignite that fire within us, like the friction of striking a match.

The Angels invite you this week to stretch into more abundance and more of your authentic self. Open your intuition. The possibilities for your life are infinite!

The Angels show a lot of excitement and joy around this next phase of your life.

Honor your feelings. Honor if you feel like you’re in a temporary standstill. Or if you feel like your intentions for the new year aren’t “happening” yet. Sometimes we have to pause to reflect, take care of ourselves, and go within. Make sure that what you’re intending is in alignment with your soul (not what you think you “should” want).

Your path and purpose might look very different from other people’s. Wake up to who you truly are! It’s important to be your true self.

Look at life from a lighter perspective, as though everything is happening FOR you. Even the challenges are happening for you.

Allow yourself to step into more love, compassion and confidence.

What does this message mean to you? What challenges are coming up for you? What new perspective do you have? What kinds of abundance are you stepping into?

Are you feeling fiery energy? Do you feel like it’s time to take action, to be yourself, and fulfill your purpose?

Please share below the video. I love hearing from you!

Enjoy this transformational week ahead!

With love,

(This week’s cards are the “Angel Tarot Cards” by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine click here)
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January 23, 2017