Love is real

Love is real

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Love is real.  I have professed this my entire life, but admittedly my belief in this has wavered when life was hard. When life is not what you had hoped; when someone you trusted betrays you; when someone you once loved stands before you and tells you that you are worthless, a nag and don’t deserve to breath; you have your doubts about just how real love is.

In those battered moments, when you feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually betrayed, it is difficult to hold onto the belief that love exists and if it does, that it was meant for you. It’s difficult to feel love for yourself, for your betrayer and even to feel the love that comes to you from those that you know, without doubt, love you unconditionally. Love feels like an unfulfilled promise or an illusion. Even Divine Love seems not to exist.

There are those of us who allow this scenario to play out in our lives many times. We may even promise ourselves and God that we will never allow it again, but we do. The culprit of such a path is that we have not taken those steps that create a strong foundation, a strong sense of self that can survive the direct attacks. A strong sense of self that can say, and most importantly believe, that you are both worthy and worthwhile.

Remember this: when you were created, you were created from and with love. No matter your birth circumstances, when God created each and every one of us, it was from and with love. The very essence of our creation is love. Nothing that God creates is fear-based. We may choose for known or unknown reasons to live a fear-based life, but we certainly were not created that way and it is our choice to live in fear or to live in love.

Take the time to change how you speak to yourself, how you allow others to speak to you and the words that you use to describe yourself. Words have the power of creation. Thoughts, conscious and subconscious, have the power of creation.

Choose your words from loved-based thoughts and you will be amazed at the transformation your life will take. You will know, without doubt, that love is real when you begin to love yourself unconditionally.

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