Angel Insights with Courtney Long – Week of March 27 – April 2, 2017

Enjoy the Angel’s messages to empower your week…

This week the Angels encourage you to BE YOUR TRUE SELF and EMBODY LOVE.

Card #1: LOVE

The Angels encourage you to open your eyes to all the love around you. What you want and need is all around you!

For some people, this is a strong message to open your third eye and clairvoyance.

For some people, this is a very strong message of romance – whether a new relationship or renewed passion within an existing relationship.

Stretch yourself into greater depths of love. Honor every part of yourself. Honor your divine feminine energy. Honor your divine masculine energy. Honor your deepest desires and wishes. Honor your quirkiness and personality.

As you honor and love all of you, you are like a flower blossoming.

Once you feel full of love, express that love in the world in a powerful, meaningful way.

What kind of love do you want to experience? Express it, receive it, give it, and BE it.

March 27 is a New Moon and perfect time to set intentions for what you would like to experience this next month. Plus, this time is supercharged by the spring energy.

Be who you truly are and love yourself!

What does this love message mean to you? Where are you being asked to stretch into love? Is that your own self-love? Or compassion with others? How are you being asked to express more love through your Divine Life Purpose? Are you being guided to connect more clearly with the Angels?

Please share below the video!

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Pure Love, Peace and Harmony wants to help you, along with Archangel Raphael, Angel of Healing, Health and Empowerment. They want to help you with any healing you need to do in order to experience love.


The Angels say to have compassion for yourself and others. See yourself and others as worthy and divine.

If there’s anyone in your life that you haven’t fully embraced or have resentment toward, do forgiveness work. You can write them letters of understand, compassion and forgiveness to clear the energy (whether you send the letters or not).

Take responsibility for your actions. And send love and compassion to anyone you are guided to this week.

Love yourself. Love this life. Love the journey.

What does this week’s message mean to you? Please share below the video. I love hearing from you!

Enjoy this loving week ahead!

With love,

(This week’s cards are the “Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards” by Toni Carmine Salerno click here)

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March 27, 2017