Angel Insights with Courtney Long – Week of April 10-16, 2017

Enjoy the Angel’s messages to empower your week…

This week the Angels encourage you to JOYFULLY TAKE THE NEXT STEP into an amazing, magical journey.


The card says: “No more procrastinating. Your power comes from making a decision. Confusion that arises from over-analyzing the options.”

This week, take powerful action. Get something going or started (such as a project that’s been on the back burner).

Move forward fearlessly! Be strong and confident.

This week brings a lot of abundance energy.

The Angels remind us that there are opportunities everywhere! Each of us deserves abundance in all forms – money, love, joy, fulfillment, and opportunities to share your gifts.

Allow your creativity to flow. Express your joy and creativity! Share your creations with others! Your creative expressions can help other people.

Card #2: BALANCE

The card says: “Take everyone’s input into consideration. Merge viewpoints to create a better solution. Take your time – there’s no need to rush.”

Trust your intuition and take action as you feel inspired.

What needs balance in your life?

Examples: Balance of doing and being, balance of giving and receiving, balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine, balance of work time and leisure time.

Call on your courage and strength to create that balance in your life.

Card #3: THE WORLD

The card says: “A brilliant success. The freedom to go in any direction. A journey that is now complete.”

Be open and ready for a new journey or experience with delights, pleasure and joy. What path do you want to go on?

When making a decision (ex. on which path to follow or which project to focus on), choose the option that brings you the most JOY.

The universe will support you. When you are in your joy and happiness, your heart opens up, opportunities unfold, and things line up. When you choose the path that brings you the most joy, you’ll be bringing the most joy and goodness to the whole world.

Archangel Metatron, the Angel of Authenticity and Ascension wants to help you to be your authentic self and choose the path that feels the best to you.

Share your joy in the world! Take the next step toward an amazing, magical journey ahead.

What does this week’s message mean to you? I’m excited to hear. Please share below the video!

Enjoy this exciting week ahead!

With love,

(This week’s cards are the “Fairy Tarot Cards” by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
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April 9, 2017