About Katherine

Katherine MetcalfThe Conscious Community founder Katherine Metcalf is no stranger to change or shifting energy. As an Intuitive Consultant and Professional Astrologer with over 25 years’ experience; Katherine feels and sees global changes through planetary movements and personal transformations through consultations with clients.

It was during one of these sessions that she began to understand the intense need for Community. Katherine was doing an astrology reading for a local newscaster in Phoenix, who was feeling stuck because she always had to report negative news. She felt there was no spiritual community in Arizona. The newscaster had such a craving for hopeful journalism and sacred community that she made plans to leave the country!

That moment was an awakening for Katherine who believed in her heart that there was a spiritual community in Arizona and beyond. They just needed to be gathered together in collaboration. When Katherine went to sleep that night, her guides insisted that she create this community. Being a Gemini-she knew that her natural networking skills and social butterfly personality could make it happen! Thus The Conscious Community was born!

Believing that like attracts like, Katherine invited her friends and colleagues who are holistic and metaphysical practitioners to join The Conscious Community. Her friends then invited their friends and colleagues to join. The buzz had begun! TCC began to grow organically.

In 2013, Katherine was assured that she was on the right path when The Conscious Community was recognized as the HOLISTIC BUSINESS OF THE YEAR by Natural Awakenings Magazine. She also was honored to receive the “Spirit of Sisterhood” Award from (NAWBO) National Association of Women Business Owners for connecting, collaborating and celebrating her “sisters” in business.

In 2014, Katherine was told by a dear friend that she had wanted to join TCC but because she was not a “holistic” business she didn’t think she could. She said that when she is looking to do business, whether she is getting her car repaired or needing insurance, she prefers to work with like-minded (spiritual, conscious and kind) people. That clicked with Katherine, so she took her friends advice and expanded the membership to include ALL TYPES of BUSINESSES! Now you can also find bookkeepers, hair stylists, musicians, real estate agents, veterinarians and many more service providers to help you! Her guides stepped in once again and brought more conscious people forward from other states and countries wanting to offer their talents. So now, The Conscious Community is GLOBAL!

When Katherine is not busy creating, consulting or collaborating she enjoys spending time with her hubby Andy and their three dogs, three chickens and one fat cat! She is a chocoholic, an avid reader & dreamer and a giver of big “squishes” (hugs). She is known for her loud laugh and enthusiastic spirit.

Katherine is honored to facilitate the sacred space of The Conscious Community. She believes that The Conscious Community can assist you on your path to Wholeness and Happiness!

Katherine can be reached at 602.503.8699 or at [email protected].